Who He Is

Jesus is described using MANY different titles, nouns, and adjectives.  Let's explore them together.  I wanted to start with one of my favorites:   

Friend.  When Jesus told his disciples he considered them friends, He showed his affection and how much He enjoyed their company.  We choose our friends and Jesus chose us.  Jesus chose YOU, regardless of what you've done wrong.  He doesn't want forced love or obedience.  Relationship with us brings Him JOY!  Not only does He want to be our friend, but we can be His friend!  In many different situations, Jesus called people friends before they even knew Him.  "Greater love has no man than this, that he laid down His life for His friends."  This verse suggests that Jesus saw you as his friend before you understood what He did for you, before you have any relationship with Him, or even if you reject Him because He has your best interests at heart.  He died for the sins of every person because He can't help loving you, but He won't force you to love him back.